Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chapter 8

Suzannah was my biggest comfort through the break-up. I was very emotional during the first few days and when I was at her house, I'd often find myelf crying. I'd often cry on Suzannah's shoulder. I don't know what I'd have done without her. Whenever I needed her, she was there.

Late November came around, and Suzannah was still mean to Scott. I found it hard to believe that one person could be so different. To me, Suzannah represented hope, friendship, and kindness. To Scott, she must seem like a cold-hearted witch. I must say, however, that Scott deserved what he got. One time he went around spreading a rumor about something really stupid, and it took the combined forces of me, her friend Janette, and herself two days to undue the damage. That why I agreed to go along with her next scheme.

On December 1, we were to have an assembly honoring the academically achieving students, soccer players, and basketball players. School was an A.A., better known as Academic Achiever, so was Suzannah. The plan was that I'd get everyone to cheer real loud for every A.A. except Scott. For him, there would be dead silence.

The day arrived and all was ready and rearing to go. The first 6 students were called and the whole eighth grade went wild for each one. It took the principal five minutes to calm us down so he could read the next name. He called Scott's name. Scott came down, beaming with pleasure. He took the award the principal handed him. He turned to face the audience, expecting wild cheers of congratulations. Nothing came, not one sound. You could have heard a pin drop. The room was silent. Scott's face turned purple and someone made a few rude grunts from the back.

I glanced at the principal and could not believe what I saw! He was trying, with all his might, to hold back a laugh. I signaled Arnold, who was up there with the others, to glance over at the principal, who by now was clearing his throat.

The principal got semi-control again and called Suzannah's name. With as much pride and dignity as she could muster, she walked up to the front of the room. Cheers, wilder than ever, surrounded her. She took her place next to Scott. Suzannah later told me that during the rest of the time they stood up there, Scott hissed threats to her.

After that incident, Scott and I became real enemies. He'd always try to get back at me, but since everyone hated him, he only made a total fool out of himself. The day after the assembly, he tried to hurt me by talking about how I was dumped by Rachel. Notice I said tried. Each time he opened his mouth, a girl would defend me with whines of "Oh my God! You're soooo rude!"

Scott tried to feed lies about me to my best friend, Arnold. Unfortunately for Scott, Arnold, who happens to be very strong, punched the living daylights out of him.

A week of this went by, and I decided to teach the putz a lesson. I went to Suzannah for help, and found her to be more than happy to help me. I discovered that she was a mastermind at plans. "God, she'd make a great politician!" I thought.

We decided to wait until there was spaghetti for lunch. Happily, that would be the next day. Suzannah outlined the plan, and we laughed until our stomachs hurt.

It seemed to take forever until lunch rolled around. Appearantly, Arnold know some sense into Scotty with that punch, because as I knew of, Scott hadn't said anything about me all day. Finally, the bell announcing lunch clanged. I grabbed my lunch and hurried down to the cafeteria. Quickly, I bought my milk and began to wait.

The lunchroom began filling and was soon jammed with chattering students. Scott emerged from the lunch room, carrying a huge tray of spaghetti with lots of tomato sauce. Just like Suzannah had taught me, I swung around in my chair, and in getting up, I "accidentally" stuck my foot out. Scott, being the dumb ass that he is, tripped and soared through the air. He landed, as Suzannah had known he would, with his face in the spaghetti. The lunch room attendant hurried over to him, and I profusely "apologized for the terrible accident" several times. The lunch room attendant nodded and said that it was not my fault.

If he thought he had been humiliated at the assembly, this was the ultimate embarrassment. When Scott lifted his head out of the tray, his glasses were covered with thick, red tomato paste. Noodles and sauce clung to his face and hair. Several kids laughed so hard they fell off their chairs.

Everyone, including Scott, knew that this was no accident, but when he tried to tell that to the attendant, she just shook her head and wouldn't listen to a word he said.

I had won the war with Scott, and each and every kid in the school knew it.

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