Monday, October 19, 2009

Chapter 16

Mom sent me in to get Diana and at first, her friend's mother didn't want to trust her to me.

"But how can I be sure you're supposed to pick her up? the woman kept repeating.

Finally Diana came downstairs and said, "Hi John! Do I gotta go now?"

I nodded. Satisfied after Diana explained that I was a close family friend, the lady let Diana go.

When we were outside and the woman shut the door, Diana asked why we were picking her up.

"Let my mom explain it, OK Diana?"

She nodded. "OK."

Arnold and I sat in the back and let Diana sit up front with Mom. I heard Mom's gentle voice tell Diana the story and then the monotonous drone of Diana's crying.

When we got to the Emergency Room, Diana rushed into her parents' arms.

"They're going to have to take her to surgery. They've got to operate.," Mrs. Rawlings hoarsly croaked.

A few minutes later, Dad walked in. He told us that he spoke with Arnold's parents and we'd take him home when we left, unless he wanted to leave sooner, in which case Arnold would call home to have his parents pick him up. Then Dad left us to go try and help Mom comfort the Rawlings.

I turned to Arnold. He was pulling his arm back and BANG! He hid the wall with a hard upper-cut.

"Damn it! Damn it! Why Suzannah?" He hit the wall again. "I'll kill Scott, that damn ass. He'll be sorry!" Arnold seethed. He banged the wall again and his rage came to an end. We joined the adults in silence.

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