Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chapter 4

The day was a good one and when I got home, Mom was thrilled to hear about all the friends I made. (I had made a lot.) I told mom about Dan and Arnold, and I told her about all the warnings I got about Scott, and most importantly, I told her about Suzannah. I had found out quite a bit about her from the guys. I found out that she was a die-hard Cub fan, that she was exceptionally smart, that she was loud, and that she loved a good arguement.

Later that evening, the doorbell rang. Mom went to answer it and when she did, she saw a girl and her mother. The girl smiled and introduced herself as Suzannah Rawlings and the woman as Gail Rawlings. Mrs. Rawlings carried a potted plant and presented it to Mom as a welcoming gift. I casually sauntered over to the door. Suzannah spotted me right away and said hi. Mom invited them in and asked Mrs. Rawlings if she'd like some tea or coffee. For the next hour and a half mom and Mrs. Rawlings chatted and Suzannah told me, in great detail, about each of the kids in eighth grade.

After awhile, Jeff barged into my room, took one look at Suzannah and began screaming "John's got a girlfriend! John's got a girlfriend!"

This annoyed Suzannah to no end. She looked as if she might kill him. Jeff saw her expression and instantly shut up. Then Suzannah's mother called down the hall, saying that it was time to leave.

After they left, I sat in my room for a long time and thought about what Suzannah had told me. She said that a lot of girls thought I was cute and the guys seemed to like me. She told me that before the month was out, I'd be very popular, but she hoped that we could be friends.

She told me about her friends. She didn't seem to have to many from out school, but had quite a few from the neighboring suburb of Skokie. Her best friend had moved to Florida when she was in third grade, but they still remained best friends. Her other best friend lived in Skokie. Her name was Rachel. According to Suzannah, Rachel had curly hair and was very pretty. It wasn't until quite a few weeks later that I got to meet her.

It seemed though, that Suzannah had had two ex-boyfriends. One she hated, the other she was still very good friends with. I thought about my old girlfriend Sarah and how I sometimes missed her after we broke up. I'd never spoken to anyone about Sarah, but Suzannah made me open up. It was like we had instant rapport. She had listened sympathetically to my as I told her all about Sarah.

The more I thought about it, the more it seemed like I had known Suzannah for years and years. That night, I went to sleep with a warm feeling, knowing that I had at least one friend to fall back on.

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