Friday, October 16, 2009

Chapter 10

We had had our small fights, through our friendship where Suzannah wouldn't talk to me for a day or so, but never more serious than that. With each passing day, the friendship that Suzannah and I shared grew stronger. She was a person who fascinated me with her widespread knowledge. She could be quiet and thoughtful, or brash, loud, and looking for fun.

On the outside she wasn't bad looking, but the beauty within her outdistanced that by far. Whenever I had a problem, I'd turn to Suzannah. She always had some sort of answer. Sometimes it made no sense and she left me to figure it out for myself, and other times she got straight to the point. When I was depressed, no one could cheer me up better than Suzannah and when I was happy, she shared in on my happiness.

In all, Suzannah was a remarkable person. Her parents loved her, but her life was rough. Suzannah had come face to face with death several times.

One dark night when she was seven, Suzannah woke up. She could not breathe at all. Her chest hurt from gasping so hard for breath. Each time she tried to breathe, Suzannah's chest caved in, that's how hard she tried to breathe. Later, at the hospital, the doctor told the family how lucky they were that Suzannah woke up when she did. If she hadn't she'd have died in her sleep.

Asthma attacks used to try to claim her life many times. So Suzannah was not really afraid to die. God knows she'd been too close too many times.

Suzannah's asthma had gotten a lot better over the years. She still had to go to the allergist once a week, but it didn't bother her. She had to take two shots. I know I'd hate it, but Suzannah has a high threshold for pain.

Even though she's been in many races with Death itself, Suzannah never dwelled on it and never asked for pity.

"It just happened," she once told me. "It happened and there was nothing I could do about it."

Later on, I thought about that statement and cried.

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