Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chapter 5

Saturday, was a bright sunny day, with a sky so blue it reminded me of Sarah's sparkling eyes. But I erased all thoughts of her and concentrated on making myself look decent. The phone rang and I answered it. It was Cassandra, a popular girl who had a huge crush on me. I couldn't stand her. Anyway, she said she just wanted to talk and I told her I couldn;t because I was about to go out with my girlfriend, whom I liked a lot. Cassandra sounded hurt as she said good-bye. I suppose I should have felt bad about being so mean, except that Cass (as she was called) was a snob who really mean to Suzannah.

I broke away from my thoughts and glanced at the clock. It was time to leave. I went downstairs and told dad that it was time for him to take me to the movie theatre. Of course, Jeff decided to come along. It was a short drive to the theater, but Jeff teased me every bit of the way. Finally, dad pulled into the parking lot of the New Orchard Theater. I opened the car door to get out, when dad told me to have a good time.

"Remember son," he said, "don't do anything I wouldn't do!" He began to laugh hysterically at his own joke.

"Good-BYE dad!" I said, quite annoyed. He drove away.

Rachel was waiting in front of the theatre. She had bought a ticket for herself already. I figured she would, she and Suzannah (especially Suzannah) were heavily into Women's lib. I bought my ticket, took her soft hand, and we went into the theatre together.

There were ten minutes before the movie started, we bought a large popcorn to split, and settled ourselves down. We began to talk about Suzannah.

"I'm so glad you became friends with Suzannah," Rachel began, "otherwise we may have never met."

"How did you meet her?" I asked. It was something I had been wondering about lately, but never remember to ask about.

Rachel smiled. "When I was in seventh grade, two years ago, I switched hebrew schools. I felt as if someone was watching me, so I turned around, and sure enough, there was Suzannah. She smiled at me. Later, I was asking the teacher for help, when suddenly Suzannah sprang up from her seat and offered to help me instead. The teacher told us to work together. At first we worked, but then we began copying each other more than working, and finally we just gave up and talked. We've been friends ever since."

"Wow!" I said. For some strange reason, I was impressed by the story.

Rachel went on. "Together, we made quite a few enemies and friends. This girl Amanda was one of the enemies we made. Along with her pudgy friend Mara, and her shrimp pal Leslie, they were determined to make out lives miserable. It worked for a few weeks until we began laughing at them and making them look stupid. There was Sandy, who made a total fool of herself by trying to argue with Suzannah. Suzannah is the best arguer in the world, and even if she's wrong, she always comes out looking right. Anyway, we made friends, too. There was Jerry, who I briefly went out with, and Jenny, who wasn't really a friend in the end. Man, could I tell you stories about Jenny!"

I was about to reply, but the lights dimmed and the movie began. I put my arm around Rachel and concentrated on the movie.

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